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The Free and Queer Encyclopedia

Welcome to Outcyclopedia, an online encyclopedia with a queer bent. Started in January 2001, it currently contains over 370 entries, with more being added weekly. Use the search box below to find articles, or click the links to keep updated on changes and learn how you can help this site grow and improve.

OUTCYCLOPEDIA IS SHUTTING DOWN! - After over four years of maintaining this site, I have decided to close Outcyclopedia and donate its articles to Wikipedia, which has a large and admirable collection of gay-related articles. By June of this year, when my paid status with 0catch.com has expired, I expect the last article to be transferred to Wikipedia, and will close this site down for good. I simply no longer have the time or enthusiasm I once had for this project. I thank everyone who has visited, contributed to, and supported this site over the years. - James Moore, webmaster and founder

DISCLAIMER: This is not an adult site, and does not contain any pornographic images or material. Any references to sex or other adult material or behavior is made from a purely academic standpoint. Images used on this site are credited whenever possible, and any whose copyright status is in dispute will be gladly removed or credited upon request. Not all persons listed on this site are or were openly homosexual, but reasonable conclusions about their sexuality may and has been made from diaries, letters, and other writings and accounts made by them and/or those who knew them. Several others are heterosexual and are included here for the impact, whether positive or negative, they have made on queer culture and history.

utcyclopedia compiled by James P. Moore. Outcyclopedia logo design by Miss Honey Hellfire. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. (see Copyrights for details).

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